Star Trails at the Cottage

February 12th, 2006
Star Trails at the Cottage

A 60min 15sec exposure of the western sky line at the cottage in early October.


Canon Rebel XT | EF-S 17-85 IS@20mm | M | F/4.5 | 60min 15sec| ISO-100

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  1. This is absolutely awesome! I’m glad I found your site. Question: How do you go about keeping the shutter open so long on the Rebel XT?

  2. Hi Denis,
    In order to keep the shutter on the XT open that long, you need a remote, your options are the RC-1 and the RC-5 (for wireless remotes), and the RS-60E3.
    For my XT I used the RC-1 because it is wireless, but also lets you toggle between a 2-second count down after pressing the button, or immediately opening the shutter.
    Once you have a remote, set the camera to BULB, and pressing the remote button once will open the shutter, then pressing it again will close the shutter.

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