Face Off

February 22nd, 2006
Face Off

I took this at the 2nd game of the season this year. I love the moment captured in the picture, but I’m very disappointed with the image quality. I normally shoot in the RAW file format, so that I can do exposure and white balance touch ups later. However, at the very start of this game, my 1GB card that I used was having problems, so I had to shoot with my 512MB card, which meant in order to take more pictures, I couldn’t shoot in the RAW format, I regret that decision as the pictures came out with an ugly red tint. I did my best to fix the red tint, but I’m still not very pleased, since it made the other colours very dull.

Canon Rebel XT | EF 75-300 USM@300mm | Av | F/5.6 | 1/1599sec | ISO-1600

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