Casa Loma Tunnel

September 18th, 2006

The tunnel leading from the main Casa Loma building to the stables and garage.

Exif:Canon 20D | Canon 10-22mm @10mm | Av | f/8.0 | 10 sec | ISO-100

4 comments to “Casa Loma Tunnel”

  1. Wonderfull picure.Thanks.Greetings to schwarzenbek/info

  2. in the pic theres like a ghost i know this because i can can see them.my hotmail is hotty_422@hotmail.com for interviews or quistions or just some one to talk to

  3. i could see the ghost too. i think its a lady and a man and the man is on the left and the lady is on the right. they are this black blur.

  4. Nice photo, I actually work there close those tunnels at night

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